In marine geophysical exploration applications like marine surveys, seismic testing, and oil and gas explorations, equipment needs to be lightweight, waterproof and reliable. Geophysical seismic cables used in these applications must provide transmission stability — even when they’re submerged in water.

GORE Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables offer the highest-available transmission stability for marine geophysical exploration applications, with data transmission performance that remains high, consistent and reliable throughout their product life. For over five years, the cables have provided proven performance and unsurpassed reliability in marine streamer cables around the world.

The cables feature a smaller outer diameter, enhanced flotation characteristics, and the highest-available signal intensity under mechanical stress for streamer cables — providing reliable performance the first time and every time.

The Technology Behind the Cables

Gore’s low dielectric constant, PTFE and expanded PTFE (ePTFE) materials enable the bonding of the quads. Bonding the cables together allows them to maintain high electrical performance despite physical stressors like bending and pulling, and the ePTFE construction reduces the overall diameter and weight of the cables. The specific location of each insulated, silver-plated conductor bonded throughout the entire length of the quad maximizes the electrical performance and reliability during flex.

We only use the highest-quality, multi-layered, concentric and pinhole-free insulations over each conductor. Each material is compatible with streamer fluids, other floatation media, and can operate in wide temperature ranges.


Features & Benefits

Through Gore’s materials science capabilities and bonding technology, we’ve designed our Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables to feature:

  • pinhole-free insulation utilizing ePTFE and PTFE insulation material
  • no fluid penetration between components
  • lightest-available weight
  • smallest-available diameter

These features provide manufacturers and end users with:

  • longer cable life (reduced overall costs)
  • smaller streamer cable diameter
  • highest-available signal stability under mechanical stress and movement
  • reliable electrical performance in fluids
  • low crosstalk
  • lowest-available attenuation

If you have any questions about GORE Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables, please contact us.

Technical Data

For product specifications, please review this technical data for 20 AWG GORE Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables.

Operating Voltage 600 V DC
Breakdown Voltage >1000 V AC @ 50 Hz
  In air
  In streamer fluid
136 ±5 Ohm
128 ±5 Ohm
Attenuation @ 10 MHz
  In air
  In streamer fluid
≤6.7 dB/150 m
≤7.3 dB/150 m
Insulation Resistance >200 MΩ*km @ 500 V DC
Temperature Range –100°C to +200°C
Outer Diameter 4.6 mm
Weight 38 kg/km



Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.