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Gore’s spaceflight microwave/RF assemblies installed in a global satellite.

Whether traveling millions of miles for exploration or enabling global connectivity, spacecraft need durable RF cables that perform without failure to ensure mission readiness and success. W. L. Gore & Associates answers the call with small, low-mass solutions proven to maintain electrical and mechanical performance in the harshest environments from launch through mission duration.





GORE® Protective Membrane for Cutting-Edge Gas Sensors

Partnering for Innovation: Gore and Infineon Take Gas Detection Sensors to a New Level

Learn how Gore technology added the final touch to fully unleash the potential of Infineon’s cutting-edge photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) for CO2 detection. Discover how joined efforts achieved a sensor response time nearly cut in half, paving the way for a new range of applications.

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An award-winning company specializing in passenger interface solutions contacted W. L. Gore & Associates to provide a compliant USB 3.0 cable that would fit inside a smaller at-seat module and charge devices quickly. Learn how our aircraft cable bundles met all of their requirements.

Image of GORE Automotive Vents for Exterior Lighting Product Portfolio

GORE® Vents provide life-of-vehicle protection to maintain the reliability of lighting systems that support vehicle differentiation and functionalities — for example, in EVs where thinner modular lamps can illuminate brand signatures and integrate new sensing/communication devices.





バッテリーEV(BEV)のヘッドランプが、より高温で動作する内燃機関車のヘッドランプよりも結露に弱い理由と、BEV のヘッドランプがドライバーと内蔵センサーにクリアな視界を提供し続けられるように、GORE® オートモーティブベントが他のベントよりも効果的に結露を除去し、車両の寿命を延ばすことができる理由をご説明します。

Reliable Performance for an Adventurous Lifestyle

Capturing adventures on an action camera requires the most robust devices. Discover how a renowned brand for panoramic sports cameras redefined durability and learn which part Gore played in the developing process.

Tubular Back-Pulse Filters Product Brochure

GORE® Membrane filter socks and GORE® Filter tube assemblies are highly efficient ePTFE membrane filters for use in tubular backpulse liquid filtration systems. They provide excellent filtration efficiency and economical performance in high flow rate and/or high feed solids applications.

2019 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards - Platinum Honoree

The 1.8 mm Simplex of GORE Fiber Optic Cables is recognized among the best by the 2019 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community recognized W. L. Gore & Associates as a Platinum honoree.